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a little bit of everything

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I am a paraprofessional librarian (ILL clerk, cataloguer, assistant collection manager, sometime IT flunky, and general tech services gopher) in a small, friendly town somewhere in the Southwestern United States. I'm also a working artist and a liberal arts BA student on an MFA track at Goddard College. I work mainly in textiles but I'm also a semi-amateur photographer (which is to say that I've done some jobs for money, and woudn't turn down the opportunity, but the level of competition in Western landscape and architectural photography is a stress I don't need in my life).

I love books, read widely and across many genre (though especially literary nonfiction and sci-fi), and am always on the lookout for a good book review. I'm an off-and-on member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (off at the moment - full-time job plus full-time school plus no shires within 50 miles equals major lack of opportunity). Most of my spare time is spent with my family or in my studio.

I'm third generation Lithuanian-American, and can read and speak enough Lithuanian to struggle through my favorite poets, Nijole Miliauskaite and Tomas Venclova, with the help of my trusty Routledge dictionary. If you're a really serious textile geek, e-mail me about the textiles book translation project I did for school in 2004.

My gender preference, marital status, exact location, and other details are none o' yer dam' business unless you're on my friends list. And if you are, you already know. :-)